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Music is Motivation

Spring Moves is a rhythm based music service for exercise. Whether you need music for running or power walking, spin class or road biking, Spring Moves has the best workout songs for your movement.

Founded In Science

Musical Dissociation
Working out is hard. One of the greatest challenges is quieting the voices in our heads that tell us to quit – "I’m so tired.” “I’m so bored.” Distraction is the cure. The Spring Moves app redirects attention away from fatigue and boredom into music we love. Scientists call this Musical Dissociation.

Studies show that running to music can lower perceived effort by as much as 12%.

Rhythm Based Movement
Just like every song has its own tempo, every person has a unique rhythm of movement. With Spring Moves, you run or walk to the beat of the music - like dancing! Scientists refer to this as Rhythm Based Movement.

A recent scientific study showed that time to exhaustion was 18% longer in treadmill runners listening to synchronous music when compared to no music.

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Better Playlists, Better Workouts

Spring Moves' workout music catalog is carefully curated by professional DJs and music lovers. We are always searching the internet for the best songs to workout to. New music, every day.

Select your favorite artists or genres and customize your playlist. Or keep it simple and let us pick the best workout music for your activity.