HIIT the Road With Spring


Interval training, also called HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), refers to any workout that combines high-intensity bursts of effort with slower, easier “rest” intervals. This style of exercise, once solely the domain of professional athletes, has seen unprecedented growth in popularity over the last decade among fitness buffs and newbies alike. Here are a few of the key reasons why you should incorporate HIIT into your fall workout routine.

  1. Efficiency
    A well-structured High Intensity Interval workout can confer just as many health benefits, in a much shorter period of time, than steady-state running. That means drastically less time spent in the gym or out in the colder weather, without sacrificing the impact of your workout - what’s not to love?

  2. Personalization
    Having “high intensity” in its name might make HIIT seem intimidating to newer athletes, but in reality, HIIT can be modified to any skill level and any kind of exercise. While a marathoner might want to rock 3-minute running intervals at 185 SPM, interspersed with 2 minutes rest at 166, a beginning runner could derive similar benefits from 2 minutes spent gently jogging at 160 followed by 4 minutes walking at 130. Whatever your fitness goals, HIIT can be easily modified to work for you.

  3. Health Benefits
    This one’s a no-brainer; of course vigorous exercise yields health benefits. But research shows that HIIT’s effect on the cardiovascular system is particularly pronounced, yielding notable improvements in oxygen usage within only two weeks. It’s also been found to be a rapidly effective calorie-burner, targeting fat more than that hard-earned muscle.

Ready to try it out? Spring’s Interval feature can be found by tapping Start and then toggling to Interval under the Activity Button. You’ll be asked to insert your desired paces and time intervals. Take it easy your first workout by making your high-intensity intervals 1 minute of a comfortable pace, and your low-intensity intervals several SPMs lower for three minutes. Then input the number of cycles you’d like (we advise only 2 or 3 cycles to begin).

As time goes on, feel free to increase your High Intensity bursts by 2-3 SPMs at a time. As always, listen to your body, have fun, and check out the research below for more info!

Now, go HIIT the road!

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Cecilia Winter