New Year's Resolutions: First Quarter Check-In

Soo, how's that resolution going?

Ahh, New Year's. Remember January 1st, when the year was shiny and new? We felt like we could accomplish anything  - crush that triathlon with a week's training, power walk the whole perimeter of our town, lift cars with our newly swollen arm muscles!

Unfortunately, there always comes a moment where resolutions give way to reality. Studies show that only 8% of people hold their resolutions for the duration of the calendar year. At this point, a quarter of the year has passed, it’s somehow STILL wintertime outside, and no matter whether you’ve had only slight symptoms of resolution fatigue or some more serious valleys,  the end goal still seems far off. It's enough to make you want to call it a day, but trust us - it's not too late! To stave off this dangerous lull, here are six S.P.R.I.N.G. tips to keep your resolution rolling.

  • STOP beating yourself up. No matter how your resolution is going so far, you are doing your best! Some people definitely respond to somewhat-stern motivation, but being overly cruel to yourself won't help.

  • PRIORITIZE. Think back to a time in the last few months when you could've worked towards your goal, but didn't. What did you do instead? Was it the right choice? If so, great. If not, think about what you can re-prioritize to find that time.

  • REACH OUT to your accountability buddy or friend for words of encouragement! This is what they signed up for, after all. And it could be they have a goal you can help them out with too!

  • INSPIRE yourself. Now's the time to coat your room with motivational quotes, to try a new workout playlist, or delve into a fresh book on the skill you’re looking to acquire. Hone in on whatever inspiration works for you, and fill your life with it.

  • NEW SEASON, NEW ME. Use the coming of spring to review what worked last month, and what improvements can be made to your process. Make a note of the good and bad in last month's process, and alter your steps accordingly!

  • GET GOING! There's no time like the present, whether your resolution is going strong or on the brink of extinction. Lace up and get out there, and you'll be that many steps closer to your big goal.

So just remember, as winter slowly gives way to springtime, your goals can feel harder than ever and giving up can seem like the best option. But if you push through the doubt, and remember to S.P.R.I.N.G., there's no telling how far you can go.

Cecilia Winter