Musicians We Like, And the Workouts They Love


We rely on musicians to provide the rhythm and inspiration to push us through our hardest workouts. But what do the musicians rely on? We've scoured these top Spring artists' interviews and personal trainer profiles to find the secrets to staying fit while living the unpredictable life of a full-time musician. 

Ellie Goulding

Workout: Barry’s Bootcamp, outdoor runs in London and NYC
Favorite Workout Music: Loves drum & bass, particularly Goldie’s “I Adore You”
Best Workout Advice: “I’m all about balance — in my life, my fitness regime, and my diet. I’m of the mind-set that you can take care of yourself without going too overboard.”

Hot Spring Song: “You My Everything,” 166 SPM


Workout: Cardio and lifting, particularly shoulder presses and pull-ups
Favorite Workout Music: Everything from his own music (pre-release) to merengue
Quote from Trainer: ‘When he comes in, he’s focused and set to go. At the gym we have fun, but it’s business too. I try to have fun with everyone that I train, him included.”

Hot Spring Song: “Nice For What,” 186 SPM

Sam Hunt

Workout: Cardio & weights 2/3x a week, with an emphasis on leg work.
Workout Song: His football teammates turned him on to R&B and other styles of music, that continue to influence his eclectic pop-country sound
Quote From Trainer: “Everyone says ‘How do I get started?’ Just get started. Just go! Even if you walk on the treadmill, do what you can. Your energy will gradually increase as well. It takes two weeks to create a habit - the first step is always just getting to the gym.”

Hot Spring Song: “Leave The Night On,” 176 SPM



Workout: Not many people have as much on their plates as Beyoncé! To save time, she relies on rigorous-but-brief interval training as well as the 4 Power Moves workout, wherein you move the four major joint groups at once to maximize exercise time
Workout Song: Varies, but music is particularly key for her strength training - she says "I'll put on a song that I really like and do [biceps curls with] five-pound weights [for] the whole song and just try to burn out."

Hot Spring Song: “7/11,” 136 BPM


Bruce Springsteen

Workout: Springsteen runs 5-6 miles a day, 4 days a week, even while on tour
Quote from A Pro: Dr. David Heber remarks on 68-year old Springsteen’s youthful energy, saying “You can stay thin, you can stay lean, with healthy exercise and healthy diet. In a way it turns back the clock, because we don’t look like our parents’ generation. A lot of us are looking younger at an older age.”’ That's great news for all of us, even those who don't spend all year jumping around onstage!

Hot Spring Song: “Born in The U.S.A.,” 120 BPM


Inspired? Whether you want to get jacked like Drake or hit the treadmill like Bruce, why not mix it up with one of these workout styles today?

Cecilia Winter