Giving Back through Fitness

© Photo by  Brett Deutsch

© Photo by Brett Deutsch

In our busy lives, we barely find the time to settle down and enjoy ourselves. Most of the time, once we get home, we go on auto-pilot and sit down in front of the television with our favorite show, or sprawl across the bed, mindlessly scrolling through feeds on our phones. Volunteering might be one way to spend your free time in an active, healthy, and productive way.

As a volunteer, you get the opportunity to help others and also yourself. Helping others encourages you to practice kindness and gives you a sense of purpose, while reducing stress and increasing mental stimulation. Why not combine your passion for fitness with volunteering by teaching a workout class or taking on a running buddy? It’s a great way to challenge yourself physically, and challenge others to do the same.

Finding a great match for volunteering ensures that you shape the happiest and most fulfilling experience. Considering these questions in the search process will be helpful for picking out the volunteering that best fits you:

What causes are important to you?
Do you like working with children, adults, or animals? 
Do you like working alone, or in a team?
What skills can you bring to the job?

Fitness and health is important to our Spring users, so we’ve drawn up a list of volunteering positions at health and fitness-centered organizations that might suit our users best!

At Back on My Feet and A Mile in Her Shoes, volunteers regularly run with homeless individuals and build up their confidence, strength, and self-esteem through running, making them better-equipped for applying to new jobs and finding housing. 

Girls on the Run’s volunteer coaches help young girls feel empowered, gain confidence, and raise self-esteem through running sessions, classes, and team projects.

© Photo by Renzo Spirit Buffalo

© Photo by Renzo Spirit Buffalo

Lift for Life provides youth from underserved communities of St. Louis with a safe, enriching environment and caring mentors through their after-school weightlifting program.

United in Stride volunteers act as running guides for visually impaired and sighted runners to help achieve their full potential.

Volunteers at Revolutionary Fitness teach fitness and nutrition classes in underserved communities that typically do not have access to health and fitness services.

Doggy running buddies run with shelter dogs to increase their physical exercise and alleviate their stress and boredom.

Or start small and introduce a friend to the joy of running by bringing them along for a jog!